We are TMN Simulation

TMN Simulation was established in late 2007 by Kenny Macleod and Jo Thyer.

The aim of TMN Simulation is to support businesses to help them gain a better understanding of their own Operations, and then identify how to improve their processes and practices with the use of a simulated environment. These can be major whole factory simulations, or smaller discrete processes – it really depends on the need of the business.

What we do.

Short answer - We build computer games of real-world situations to let you play with and improve them.

But there's much more to it than that, particularly if there's millions of dollars of savings to find. We use 3D simulation software because it is the most powerful tool available to help understand and improve business process, layouts, resourcing and performance.

Computer simulation helps organisations understand complex and high-risk processes in the comfort of your own computer (think of a flight simulator but for business). We sell, train and support FlexSim 3D Simulation Software; and build models for those who prefer not to do it for themselves.

TMN Simulation can work with you to support one off projects or develop an ongoing relationship with a business that recognises the need for ongoing simulation activities, but does not have the resources to do it in-house.


Consulting Lead


Managing Director

Three engagement models.

1 Software sales and support.
We provide you with the tools to get you up to speed on building and analysing models.

2 Somewhere inbetween.
Often the best compromise of time & resources. You run the build but we support and build what you need.

3 Full Consultancy
Many organisations don't have the time or resources to undertake a simulation modelling & analysis project. So we can do it all for you.