We build computer-based simulation games that look and behave like their real-world version, helping organisations compare predict and analyse different scenarios.

It’s used to support decision making, fix bottlenecks, balance resources, and generally make improvements.
Don’t speculate – Simulate!

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Don’t Speculate – Simulate.

It’s often not practical to stop operations and try something, just to see what might happen; it may be too expensive, too risky, too structured, not enough time, etc.

Simulating your business or project allows you to do things you could never do in real life, with feedback of what might happen if you did.

Pilots safely train in flight simulators, soldiers train in simulated war zones. Now you can test your processes and proposals with no implications to the real-world environment.

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Sole distributor of FlexSim 3D Simulation Software for Australia & NZ


Everything required to get you building models.
Installation, Training & Mentoring


Full spectrum of simulation modelling & analytics.


End-to-end simulation consultancy or just the bits you don’t want to do.

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